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O2 Arena Praha

Českomoravská 2345/17190 00, Praha, česká republika

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Sazka Arena Tickets

With six floors and utilizing the latest technology, the Sazka Arena, now known as the O2 Arena is the most impressive multi-use arena in the Czech Republic and one of the most modern in Europe. Nobody would want to pass up a chance to have tickets to Sazka Arena Prague! Aside from the atmosphere being terrific during the concerts, both emerging popular artists such as Avril Lavigne, and music legends like Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, Pink Floyd and U2 have all entertained thousands of fans here! Your favorite artist could be having a show here soon. Sazka Arena tickets for that performance may sell out really fast. Get those Sazka Arena concert tickets now from Onlineticketshop. With us, you can order Sazka Arena tickets and get great seats for the show!

Concerts in Sazka Arena

Sazka Arena concerts are among the most spectacular in the Czech Republic. Sazka Arena had been filled to the brim with punk fans when the hottest in the music genre such as Green Day and Avril Lavigne performed here. The ardent supporters of music greats such as Phil Collins, Pearl Jam, U2 and Madonna have heard their idols sing to a fully-packed Sazka Arena. Make sure that you can join the crowd during Sazka Arena concerts by booking concert tickets from Onlineticketshop ahead of time. There are numerous big concerts every year at this venue so check our site for schedules so you can immediately order your Sazka Arena ticket. Get your ticket for the biggest Sazka Arena events from Onlineticketshop!

Events in Sazka Arena

If you’re a music fan whether it's pop, rock, alternative or punk, there is probably nothing you would like to have more than event tickets to Sazka Arena. The biggest names in the music industry such as U2, Madonna, Queen and R.E.M. have put on captivating performances at the Sazka Arena Prague. Popular superstars love to perform here because the Sazka Arena uses the latest technology, making it the most modern arena in the whole of the Czech Republic. But events in Sazka Arena are not only limited to concerts. Sazka Arena Prague has hosted world-renowned sports events such as the World Ice Hockey Championships in 2004 and home games of the Czech ice hockey national team. For upcoming Sazka Arena Prague events, order your tickets from Onlineticketshop!